Paul Sanford


Paul Sanford


What’s your favorite thing about

Russ & Daughters?

The people I work with.


What’s your favorite food here?



Tell us about a meaningful experience at Russ & Daughters.

I helped to reawaken the appetite of a 95-year-old woman who was at the end

of her life.


What do you think Russ & Daughters means to the people who shop here?

We provide a variety of quality foods, which have become increasingly difficult to find.


What are some amusing things you’ve been asked by customers?

"Do I need a number?" (When they happen to be the only one here.)


Are there eggs in the egg salad?


You’ve been a denizen on the Lower East for many years, what do you think of the way the area has changed?

I’m not one for change.


What are some Lower East Side spots that you used to frequent that are no longer here?

I enjoyed the old jazz clubs and after hours lounges like the Five Spot, Slugs and The Electric Circus.


What spots would you recommend to someone visiting the Lower East Side?

I don’t know. Since they cleaned up the drug dealers, I’ve got no reason to hang out here.


When you’re not slicing lox, what do you

like to do?

Needlepoint and gaze at shiny things.