Hattie Russ Gold


Hattie Gold,
Second Generation Russ


One of the original “Daughters.”

Now 95 years old and retired in Florida

What are you fondest memories of Russ & Daughters?
I loved working with my husband and my sisters. It felt very comfortable. We treated our customers like friends. I worked from the age of 11 until I was 63. I really loved it.

What do you remember about your father, Joel Russ, the founder

of Russ & Daughters?
My father taught me how to slice at a very young age. He was immaculate. Everything had to be just spotless.

What happened when Joel Russ changed the name to Russ & Daughters?  
It made the columns in the newspapers. No business had that name until after we did. Our delivery truck used to get stopped. People wanted to know if that was really the name. They couldn’t believe it.

Have prices changed a lot?
And how! In the 1930’s, canned salmon was three for 50 cents. Sardines were a nickel each. Lox was 15 cents for a quarter pound.

What were some other favorite places on the Lower East Side when you were here?
Yonah Schimmel with the knishes. And then there was Garfein’s dairy and Sussman and Volk Delicatessen on Delancey. Those were very fine.

What are your favorite foods from Russ & Daughters?
When I was there, I ate Nova Scotia and Lake Sturgeon every single day.

What do you think of the PBS documentary, The Jews of New York, that you were featured in?
I loved it. It was done beautifully. They showed it four times in Florida.