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Old Fashioned
Gefilte Fish

$2.99 ea


Gefilte Loaves
(whitefish/pike) 3-4 lbs loaf
$11.95 lb

Salmon & Whitefish
Gefilte Fish
$3.49 ea


Fresh Horseradish
(red or white)
$9.49 ea

Israeli Schmura Matzoh
$19.95 box

Russian Horseradish
(red or white)
$3.99 / 8.8 oz


Our Famous Chopped Liver
(chicken liver)
$9.98 lb

Chicken Soup
$6.95 qt

Matzoh Balls
$0.95 ea

Potato Kugel
$6.95 lb

$9.95 lb

Pickles from the Barrel
(half-sour, full sour &
pickled tomatoes)
$4.95 qt





(coconut or almond)
$5.99 lb


Chocolate Covered

$6.99 lb


Chocolate Macaroons
$7.49 / ½ lb

Chocolate Matzoh
$5.99 box

Toffee Chocolate Matzoh
$15.99 box of 3

Chocolate Roll
$14.99 ea

Railroad Cake
$13.99 ea

7 Layer Cake
$14.99 ea

Chocolate Seder Plate
$12.00 ea

Assorted Fruit Slices
$5.99 box

Assorted Chocolate
Nibbles (12 oz)
(espresso beans, cocoa dusted
almonds, mint lentils, chocolate
pistachios, rum raisins)
$6.99 / bag

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Passover orders are available for pick up in the store.
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Prices are availability are subject to change.