rosh hashanah



Gefilte Fish

$3.00 each

Salmon & Whitefish
Gefilte Fish
$4.50 each


Gaspe Nova Smoked Salmon

$40.00 lb

Freshly Grated Horseradish
(red or white)
$6.00/ 8 oz  jar


Chopped Liver
(chicken liver)
$12.00 lb

Whitefish and Baked Salmon Salad

$20.00 lb


Smoked Salmon Tartare

$20.00 lb


Chicken Soup
$9.00 qt

Matzo Balls
$1.25 ea

Potato Kugel
$14.00 each


Noodle Kugel
$14.00 each

$10.00 lb

Challah (round)
$9.00 each


Raisin Challah (round)
$9.00 each


Baltic Rye Bread
$5.75 each


Corn Rye Bread

$8.99 each


Shissel Rye Bread
$12.99 each


Pumpernickel Bread
$8.99 each





(traditional raspberry

or chocolate-orange)
$15.50 lb


(chocolate or cinnamon)

$11.00 each

Honey Roasted Pecans
$15.00 tray


Honey Cake
$15.00 each


Dried Fruit Baskets

(various sizes)
$25.00 - $50.00 each


Mixed Fruit Strudel
$13.00 each


Assorted Glace Fruit

(assorted box)
$9.00 / box

Hand Dipped Chocolates
$19.00 lb

Sugar-Free Chocolates
$19.00 lb

$7.49 jar

(marble, marble nut, chocolate-covered seven layer, pistachio)

$8.50 - $12.00 lb

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