Russ and Daughters Press

The Financial Times

December 6, 2003

By Zoe Singer


“When extravagance is called for, black caviar is the height celebratory indulgence. Famed for their smoked salmon, Russ & Daughters, a Lower East Side institution, includes a newcomer among their caviar this year, from Siberian sturgeon farmed in France. Not only do these grey-black beads have a nutty complexity and smooth richness, they also boast superior value. For those craving a taste of New York on the other hand, many of the city’s best delivers ship classics such as the New York Nostalgia basket at Russ & Daughters. I can’t think of a better Christmas brunch than the traditionally Jewish smoked salmon and bagels, and in this case the Gaspe Atlantic smoked salmon, herring fillets in cream sauce , chive cream cheese and bagels are even better than the most nostalgic memories. Wild salmon connoisseurs will want to try the new Taste of the Wild, featuring the pronounced flavours of lean wild western nova, moist, meaty hot smoked wild white salmon, lingering, smoky wild Baltic salmon, and rich, saline baubles of wild salmon roe.”

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