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August 3, 2008

Splendor in the Grass


Russ & Daughters fills Harvey Keitel, Naomi Watts, Claire Danes and Martha Stewart's picnic baskets. But figuring out how to eat

this seafood purveyor's fishy bites can be tricky. So, instead of serving smoked salmon slices, co-owner Joshua Russ Tupper

cuts up chunks of Balik, a center cut of Scottish salmon, along

with tomatoes and peppers, and adds them to a cucumber salad

to avoid "sticky fish fingers." For caviar fans, Josh suggested deliciously nutty American osetra ($95 for 50 grams), milder hackleback ($59 for 50 grams) or trout roe ($19.99 for 4 oz.),

either on bread or straight out of the tin with a spoon.

Where to find them: Russ & Daughters, 179 E. Houston St.

(at Allen St.), 212.475.4880

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