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July 23, 2008

One of my most favorite stores in New York City is Russ & Daughters, located on Houston Street in the wonderfully ethnic Lower East Side. Known as an appetizing shop, Russ & Daughters first opened its doors way back in 1914. Prior to that, Joel Russ, an Eastern European immigrant, found a customer base by selling dried Polish mushrooms from a little pushcart. He soon realized that if he had a store, he could sell many more products that his buyers were longing for. Because Joel had no sons, he put his daughters to work in the shop and thus, the name. Russ & Daughters became well known as purveyors of the highest quality smoked fish, pickled herring, caviar, dried and candied fruits, and many other specialty foods. I have fond memories of shopping there when I was just a little girl along with my father. He loved their smoked white fish and my mother adored the creamed herring.

Today, Russ & Daughters is run by Niki Russ Federman and her cousin, Josh Russ Tupper – both 4th generation – that, in itself, is amazing! Over the years, very little has changed in the shop. It’s still bright, impeccably neat, and filled with beautiful and delicious products. And knowing that it’s also filled with plenty of history, makes this store a real gem.

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