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June 1, 2009

Dining: New Restaurants, ground-breaking chefs and the latest food trends. Chefs' Roundtable with Andrew Zimmern.

Andrew Zimmern (host of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel), Gabrielle Hamilton (chef/owner Prune), Ed Levine (Serious Eats), Doug Psaltis (executive chef, Smith’s), Michael White (chef, Alto, Convivio), Ed Brown (chef/owner, eighty one), Gavin Kaysen (chef de cuisine, Café Boulud), Mitchell Davis (vice president, The James Beard Foundation)


Eight prominent New York chefs and foodies gather for a Chef's Roundtable at James Beard House where The Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern asks, "What's hot now in the New York food scene?"


AZ: "What are some New York restaurants that have stood the test of time, either because of their icon status or their ability to continue to reinvent. If you have family -the grandparents are coming in from wherever- where do you take them?...Who's

the New York chef you most admire right now?"


EB: "Before anybody else mentioned it, I had the same answer: Daniel [Boulud], for the same reason. He was the first serious chef I met in New York. [I] took him on a New York eats tour. I took him to Russ & every sop, his pasion, appreciation and acknowledgment of what all those people were doing was really mind-boggling to me.


AZ: You are away from New York for one month and you come back, what's the first thing that you have to eat?


EL: I would say also - I would say probably Russ & Daughters.



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