Russ and Daughters Press


March 1, 2010

"Quite Knightly"

By Andrew Goldman

Elle Magazine

March 2010


In this Elle Magazine cover story, actress Keira Knightly talks about making movies in New York and how much she misses Russ & Daughters now that she's gone:


"So, a modest proposal: Knightley told me she'd developed a love of New York while filming Last Night, that she still thinks about the bagels and lox she'd get at Russ and Daughters, the Lower East Side smoked fish emporium she deems 'amazing.' So, Keira, consider this a formal invitation to move to New York, a town where Brits can easily locate home comforts such as Marmite, HP Sauce, and even warm beer. New Yorkers won't accost you; they'll pretend to not even know who you are."


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