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December 20, 2010


Reasons to Love New York

Six years into anatomizing our love for the city, there is still no shortage of things to feel good about in this town.


30-38. Because the Best Young Filmmakers Wouldn’t Shoot Anywhere Else

These nine directors made some of the most memorable independent movies of the past two years—all of which were set on the streets of New York. And they did it before their 30th birthdays. Below, they explain why they could only do it here...



Breaking Upwards
Neighborhood: West Village but “possibly moving to Fort Greene”

Best thing about working here: “The neurotic way that people relate to each other here. There’s a self-awareness, a verbosity that really influences my films. People don’t have walls around them when they talk; they just speak their minds. Like, I’ll be in Russ & Daughters buying babka, and the person next to me will be telling me how that fatty, chocolatey babka would be the end of them if they kept eating it so much.”
Favorite New York moment on film:The Taking of Pelham One Two Three really captures the turbulent nature of living here—as well the camaraderie that develops when people are trapped in the subway. I was on the subway once when there was a track fire, and everyone was freaking out, but we were all helping each other. In New York, you can feel really close to strangers just because you’re sitting next to them.”


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