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June 7, 2011



June 7, 2011

Photos by Kathy YL Chan


Both the Russ & Daughters Bagel Pudding (chocolate and raisin/prune) and the Russ & Daughters Rice Pudding were included in the top 5 puddings in New York City, as selected by Serious Eats: "Our 5 Favorite Puddings in NYC."





Russ & Daughters Bagel Pudding:

"There is bread pudding, and then there is bagel pudding. For the latter, head to Russ & Daughters, where the cut-to-order dessert goes for $4.99 a pound. Two choices - a chocolate chip pudding, or a raisin and prune one. The raisin is superior, always a few notches more moist than the chocolate, with plump bites of raisins and creamy, larger prunes. Reminiscent of Far Breton, a classic custard cake from Brittany, the pudding is composed of old bagels, chopped and baked in a sweet custard base - undeniably dense and filling, but in all the right ways."


Russ & Daughters Rice Pudding:

"Dessert isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Russ & Daughters, but don't pass them up on your next smoked fish run. We've already noted the Bagel Pudding, but I'm particularly fond of their housemade Rice Pudding ratio. The short grain rice is cooked just al dente, perhaps more toothsome than most are used to, but delicious nonetheless."



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